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THRIVE Program

THRIVE Program

We want you to THRIVE with us...

We’ve all been there: You’ve just started a new job, the hot water tank goes and there’s no money for gas to get to work.

These – and many others like it – are the kinds of daily challenges that THRIVE coaches can help you navigate to ensure long-term success at work. THRIVE (Transformational Healthcare Readiness through Innovative Vocational Education) is a new program that will help you manage and overcome work and home stressors during your first year of employment.

Newly hired full- and part-time nursing assistants (NAs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), home health aides (HHAs), and personal care aides (PCAs) are all enrolled in the program upon hiring.

THRIVE will provide life skills support, enhanced training, and a dedicated Workforce Coach to help you through every work/life challenge.

THRIVE is available locally at Catholic Health, provided in partnership with the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, Cleveland Clinic, and Ascension Michigan.


A program to help you SUCCEED with us...

  • What will happen in the THRIVE program?
    • Each THRIVE participant goes through a 4-day curriculum on life skills training, as well as, is paired with a Workforce Coach for the first year of employment.
  • How do I receive a Workforce Coach?
    • You will automatically be assigned a Workforce Coach, once you start, to support you through your first year of employment.
  • How often will the Workforce Coach meet with me?
    • It’s up to you. Your Coach will set up a schedule based on your needs.
  • Does the Workforce Coach change my relationship with my supervisor?
    • No, your supervisor will remain your supervisor. Your Workforce Coach will be an added support for you.
  • What types of skills and training will the Coaches help me with?
    • Develop communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Manage conflict.
    • Develop on-the-job soft skills.
    • Manage – and juggle – responsibilities.
    • Manage stress and build resilience techniques.
    • Provide other help and resources where needed.
  • Do other health systems in the area offer this program?
    • No. Catholic Health, Cleveland Clinic (Northeast Ohio), and Ascension Michigan (Southeast Michigan) are the only health systems to offer the THRIVE program, or any program like it. Don't miss this unique opportunity to start your new career!


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